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Jack Kennedy: Links

Gallery Caberet: Your Dog Don't Care
YouTube of "Your Dog Don't Care" 3.12.09
Gallery Caberet: Bad Karma
Gallery Cabaret: If I Went To Paris
Cafe Amici open mic photos
Swing Blvd
Swing Blvd is Dan Zahn and Kate Moretti and other fabulous musicians magnetically pulled into their orbit. They bring out the vibrance of swing standards, making you want to learn every song they do so you can sing along too (maybe even join them for a stroll.........)
A fine foursome of frolicing friends
WDCB Folk Festival
Wonderful program hosted by Lilli Kuzma
The Barking Spider Tavern
One of the coolest looking folk clubs anywhere.
The Winchester Tavern
Jim and Rebecca are some of the nicest people in Cleveland, and what a line up of talent from week to week!
Jerry Thiel
What a majestic voice! Also a great friend, songwriter and accomplished musician!
The Lake County Folk Club
One of the best listening rooms rooms anywhere! And great talent in the club!
Charlie's Coffeehouse
Unfortunately, this club no longer exists............Thanks Bob, for the good times and music there! Previously, I wrote: A great place to perform and listen! Intimate, welcoming, warm......all the feeling of connectedness that is special to coffeehouses rooted in the community of music!
Folk Alley web radio
Kat Eggleston
What a pure, radiant voice! And what a story-teller!
Bill's Blues
Great venue in Evanston. Features incredible blues acts most nights of the week. Sunday nights: acoustic open mic followed by leading folk performers!
Don Stiernberg
Best mandolin I've heard.....! Don played wonderful tracks on my Coco Solo and Someday CD's. Also, check out the article on Don at: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Jack%20Kennedy/Local%20Settings/Temporary%20Internet%20Files/OLK62F/stiernberg.htm