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Jack Kennedy: News

New CD! "Nothing Rhymes With Wonderful....Except Fo You" - March 5, 2017

I finally, finally have finished this project....AND I'm very pleased to share the result with you. Ten songs (worth the price of dozens) that I have written, composed and recorded for you.... because you're wonderful!

The day for Someday is today! - April 8, 2008

Someday is the name of my second CD. It is completely finished and will available by April 15th. Like the Coco Solo CD, my friends Don Stiernberg and Dan Zahn added a lot of schmaltz to my original tunes. Bill Reiser also added a great rhythm track to one of the songs. This is an electic mix, all from the heart and tongue and cheek.

Coco Solo CD now available! - April 8, 2008

My first CD, Coco Solo, is finally done!. All the songs are originals that I wrote and sang. Don Stiernberg and Dan Zahn joined in on a few of the songs, adding tons of class............

New Swing Blvd CD - November 22, 2005

I just finished recording a full CD for Swing Blvd (Dan Zahn, Kate Moretti with Mark Eddelstein and Marlow Scholten). I was the engineer, mostly flying by the seat of my pants. The result is, in my humble opinion, a great record of these great musicians.

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